How to disrupt: kick-off event Take the Lead

Gisteren was het kick-off event van de opleiding ‘Take The Lead’. We volgden interessante presentaties en een mooi panelgesprek rond disruptie. Michael Beal (CEO Microsoft Belgium), David Dab (ING Belgium), Nico Reeskens (Adecco), Jean-Albert Nyssens (EY) en Mieke Fordeyn (Jan De Nul) gaven hun visie op de veranderende omgeving en hoe zij daar mee omgaan.

Enkele fragmenten:

“A message to CEO’s: dream your worst nightmare. Then invest in it.”

“Beware of the customer trap: precisely because large firms tend to listen to and follow their customers, they lost their leader position”

“Disruption myth nr. 1: disruptives don’t hit you like a tsunami. The signs were already long there but you chose to ignore them…”

“Think about you customer’s frustrations and how you are part of them.”

“Think of the long term. 9 out of 10 things you try will fail, but keep looking for the right recipe. It took Netflix 5 years of loss to find the right business model.”

-Michael Beal: “not the strongest or intelligent survive, but the one that is able to adapt.”. Hij voerde de daad bij het woord en toonde zijn iPhone. “We asked ourself the question: why do we exist? Microsoft is now the largest iOS developer”…

Hieronder een fragment van deze inspirerende avond.

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